Sunday, 19 October 2014


I meant to update this every night but LIFE gets in the way. Also, I didn't take my laptop on holiday..

So here are #INKtober entries 6th Oct - 10th Oct

Travelled to London and here's a drawing following a couple's loud conversation about how their suitcase wouldn't fit in the overhead locker. Cue my giggling at the unintended yet drawn out innuendo..

Bought a P.G. Wodehouse book from a nearby Oxfam book store in Covent Gardens. His stories are always a good laugh and this Jeeves & Wooster novel was no exception. The first sentence made me chuckle.. and here it is!

Watched A LOT of Mad Men

Went to see Fantasic Mr. Fox at the Little Angel Theatre. FAB U LOUS

Met up with some amazing friends- we went tot hear some smoooooth Jazz at Oliver's :)


Monday, 6 October 2014


Here is yesterday's Inktober entry. I was extremely tired and forgot to upload it last night :)
I'm flying to London today for a week's break. Since I always write lists when I travel, I thought it would be nice to draw what I still have to pack for the journey. Enjoy!



Saturday, 4 October 2014


Today is "Bakra (Goat) Eid"- also known as Eid Al- Adha- a festival of sacrifice, it honours Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his promised son, Ismail, as an act of submission to God's command. God intervened to provide Ibrahim with a lamb to sacrifice instead. And so, Muslims all over the world sacrifice goats and/or cows and distribute the meat between family and those less fortunate than them. We also dress up nice and get money…

When my family lived in Pakistan, I remember every year we would have a goat or two delivered… I would spend a few hours trying to find a fitting name for each goat before... Eid.

Since we don't live there anymore- today was just another Saturday. It was nice to get texts and phone calls from family and friends wishing us a Happy Eid but it's not the same as being back in Pakistan.

Day four… Poor goat.


Friday, 3 October 2014


Day 3 :) 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

DAY toot toot TWO

Jazzy Bear



So, I came across Inktober- this 31 day drawing challenge artists all over the world take part in… Draw anything you want and the only rule is… use ink!

So here's day 1

"Pardon me. Today's post, Ma'am…"

Let's see how long I can keep this up for…


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


One of my dearest friends, Suzanne, who now lives in London, recently had a birthday. And since I couldn't make it over to hug her, a sent a delicious treat to do the job. This is the first time I've sent baked goods in the post and it won't be the last. It was really exciting making everything and getting it all ready… and then waiting for it to be received on the other side, while bursting with the mini secret of having sent something yummy and slight disappointment of not being there in person to see Suzanne's face. I felt like Santa.

I decided to make ALMOND BRITTLE AND BANANA BLONDIES- a surprisingly simple, yet extremely delicious recipe by Rachel Allen- google it, you won't regret it. Suzanne loves bananas… a lot- so this recipe was perfect. 

Almond brittle- isn't it beautiful? Smelt divine.

Crushed and added to blondie mixture

Out of the oven and cut into chewable squares once cooled

Packed in a zig-zaggy tin.


Circus elephant who loves juggling bananas 

And here's the card which accompanied the blondies- I forgot to take a picture of the important message inside, which explained what the present was about. I also sent her a banana shaped pencil case- did I mention that Suzanne loves bananas? 


Remember how I mentioned those clever clogs who completed their Masters? Well, since I know EVERYONE, there happened to be more than just two friends graduating with a Marvellous Masters.. And so I made them mini cards :3

From Left to Right:

Fancy Elephant: For John Mc Gowan

Cosy Elephant: For Rebecca Paul

Gangsta Elephant: Stephanie Flynn

(Go be amazing and look up their work on Duncan Of Jordanstone's Masters graduates page- you won't be disappointed!)

 And here are some things I made for Kieran and Tom. Plus a a pizza and burger Ayesha (my little sister) made for funsies.

I'll try and get another close-up of the elephant- It's the pachyderm embodiment of Kieran (in my head)- it's piratey, it's ear is pierced and it's holing a Kiwi (a nickname)

Uke-saurus. For Tom- since he loves dinosaurs, plays the ukulele and owns a bow tie. 


Two of my dear friends, and fellow band-members of "Heavy Sprinkles"- Kieran Duncan and Tom Paxton recently finished their Masters in Animation at DJCAD. I'm very proud of them and to help them celebrate, I made them a cake and a couple of other things.

Raiding Mother Dear's treasure cove of a cake decorating cupboard to make a fabulously decorated cake...

I baked two cakes and covered one in Nutella and the other with orange Marmalade. NOM NOM NOM

Then covered the entire thing with chocolate…

Uh-oh.. finished the sprinkles.




Aaaannnddd… Here's the cake in action- spreading joy before it's even consumed.. 


There's a few reasons I haven't been updating my blog… The biggest and most joyful reason has to be the marriage of my elder sister, Meher-Fatima Nur to Carl Smith. I moved back to Maybole from Dundee (in May) once I finished my internship with SmallPetitKlein and threw myself into the wedding plans. The last few months saw the arrival of countless family members and friends who obviously gathered around LOADS of food, which was consumed as we sang, danced, laughed and enjoyed each others' company. It was stressful. It was tiring. It was amazing. It was glorious. For more details, visit my other blog "107 DAYS TO GO", which is an online record of the days coming up to the grand event!

When I wasn't picking out centre pieces for the tables at the reception or hanging lights on the bannister, archways and trees around our home, I tried my best to keep creating work.

I helped design the wedding cards (I basically ended up doing the entire of the formatting) and the wedding cake. My sister also asked me to make the cake toppers. 
Here they are- the bride and groom, externally created in gold fimo :) forever holding trunks (yes, I'm a big softie) 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith just after the Nikkah ceremony at the Central Mosque in Glasgow

And here are my amazing friends.. and me! - missing a few- at the reception. Don't we look colourful! It's like a rainbow party :D

(Photograph courtesy of Mr. Kieran James Duncan)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Schaschke and Gane

Two lovely friends recently had a flat-warming. I decided to take the fimo elephants to the next level and put them on a platform.

I asked Father Dear to cut me a nice slice of wood from one of the many bits of tree we have lying about the garden- waiting to be used. I must use this material more in future! Really enjoyed painting on in and it makes a really lovely platform for the little figurines!

The elephants represent both Lynsey (Schaschke) and Tom (Gane)

Lynsey's elephant:
Colour: The closest I could get to a teal- her fav- I'm running out of fimo colours. Must invest in some more!
Objects: And behind Lynsey's elephant are things she likes- sushi and art books etc.

Tom's elephant:
Colour: Blue- his fav. I had to marble it with white since I didn't have enough blue- but I quite like how it came out :)
Objects: Behind Tom's elephant - a couple of video game references- mushrooms from Mario Kart and an Xbox 360 controller and a Duck. He likes ducks :P

Both the elephants are holding a little home together. They look pretty cute if I may say so myself!

A friend of mine suggested I should open at Etsy shop. And the more I think about it, I think I will. When I was making this present I kept thinking I should sell all things elephant :) Watch this space for more information. 

SPK's Elephant Circus

April the 4th was quite a sad day for me! It was my last official day working for SmallPetitKlein. It's been an amazing journey. What a great opportunity! I met the BEST people and discovered what it was like to work on a job you love doing :D Miss them all everyday!

So before I left I decided to make all of Team SPK something to thank them for the experience and something to remember me by ;)
And of course- what better than making them elephants?
I got a box for each of the lovely people I worked with: Holly, Yolanda, Sarah, Rob, Allan and Tommy and inside there was….

 Yolanda's elephant with a Yoyo (her nickname)
 Tommy's elephant- he's got awesome spiky hair which defies gravity!
Sarah's Elephant- with a deer-stalker hat- I nicknamed her Sherlock- cannot remember why exactly now…
Allan's elephant- he likes stars :) and has fun glasses

Rob's elephant- he loves Beyonce. So it only seemed right to put a ring on it ;)

Holly's elephant- She's an amazing baker! Her edible creations are to die for :)

Isabel's Adventures Continued...

So here's the last part of Isabel's artwork which I created for SPK :)

In the story, Isabel comes across a one eyed giant… And so here's my take on it. To be honest I'm not entirely happy with this character. I may revisit this in time and change it. It's the only one out of the line up below that I'm not convinced is finished...

Here's the final line up :) 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hairy Beary Quite Contrary

A LOT has happened since my last post. I'm almost at the end of my internship with SmallPetitKlein and have loved every second of my time here!

Here's the some more imagery from Adventures of Isabel

This Bear is one of the characters for SmallPetitKlein's upcoming shows...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Something Old, Something new (for you)

Now this post is filled with OLD news but since y'all don't know anything about it, it's all new to you…

Just some pictures about Christmas card making, trying to locate the actual pictures of the finished cards- but disaster struck and my SD card from my camera split in two and over three months of pictures are floating about somewhere, lost till further notice…

Yours truly working hard on the Xmas card lino cut :)

Lino cut before being a lino cut…

AAANNNNDDD… here's one i made earlier! I made this lino cut AGES ago but never made any prints from it- until now. The image is form my travels to Amsterdam- the architecture is really interesting and beautiful, so this image was from a photograph i took whilst i was there. Eventually I will make better prints (if i ever get my hands on a printing press- as you can see it's difficult to get an even, good print without the right equipment)