Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Remember how I mentioned those clever clogs who completed their Masters? Well, since I know EVERYONE, there happened to be more than just two friends graduating with a Marvellous Masters.. And so I made them mini cards :3

From Left to Right:

Fancy Elephant: For John Mc Gowan

Cosy Elephant: For Rebecca Paul

Gangsta Elephant: Stephanie Flynn

(Go be amazing and look up their work on Duncan Of Jordanstone's Masters graduates page- you won't be disappointed!)

 And here are some things I made for Kieran and Tom. Plus a a pizza and burger Ayesha (my little sister) made for funsies.

I'll try and get another close-up of the elephant- It's the pachyderm embodiment of Kieran (in my head)- it's piratey, it's ear is pierced and it's holing a Kiwi (a nickname)

Uke-saurus. For Tom- since he loves dinosaurs, plays the ukulele and owns a bow tie. 

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