Saturday, 10 May 2014

SPK's Elephant Circus

April the 4th was quite a sad day for me! It was my last official day working for SmallPetitKlein. It's been an amazing journey. What a great opportunity! I met the BEST people and discovered what it was like to work on a job you love doing :D Miss them all everyday!

So before I left I decided to make all of Team SPK something to thank them for the experience and something to remember me by ;)
And of course- what better than making them elephants?
I got a box for each of the lovely people I worked with: Holly, Yolanda, Sarah, Rob, Allan and Tommy and inside there was….

 Yolanda's elephant with a Yoyo (her nickname)
 Tommy's elephant- he's got awesome spiky hair which defies gravity!
Sarah's Elephant- with a deer-stalker hat- I nicknamed her Sherlock- cannot remember why exactly now…
Allan's elephant- he likes stars :) and has fun glasses

Rob's elephant- he loves Beyonce. So it only seemed right to put a ring on it ;)

Holly's elephant- She's an amazing baker! Her edible creations are to die for :)

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