Thursday, 31 May 2012

Posh Quiche

I have always loved the 50s animation style- Nate Wragg, an illustrator/concept artist- who has worked for many amazing animations (go check out his work) led me to Jim Flora, an artist in the 50s- his work is brilliant...

I decided to make a poster for the band Posh Quiche- i have provided them with some artwork in the past for their albums- go check out their music too :)

Here's my final design for the poster. Enjoy!

My face

My face in the morning...

Remember this?

I made these paper finger puppets a while ago.. but never put up a picture of them being used as finger puppets...

Nani Ki Kahani

More folio work! Here's some photographs of the 34 page, screen printed book I made. (Copy 1 of 5, for sale)

The slip case and book.

Front of book

End Papers

At the Djinn's Cave


Nani Ki Kahani- Translates from Urdu as A Grandmother's Tale
The short story is based on a bedtime story my gran used to tell us. There are 8 images (4 of which are double spreads). The entire book is screen printed and the images contain between 3 and 4 colours. It was a joy to write, make and finish :)

prints and book for sale, contact me for more information

Book Covers 1, 2, 3!

Some more folio work... The first two book covers are for Penguin's Book Cover competition...
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. One of the important things that happen in the book is the fishing trip. I wanted to include imagery from that scene...Throughout the story, there is a sense of the unsettling, the unreal- and i wanted to make an image which showed something which was as odd and impossible as the title of the book...
And here's my entry for the children's book cover competition...
And finally- here's one just for fun. Amongst many other classics, Jules Verne also wrote Around the World in 80 Days. I must say it was in the top five of my favourite books as a kid :) Initially i intended to make a cover for that book but then I found this one. There's some great imagery in the book - worth a read if you can persist with Verne's crazy detailed descriptions...

World Performing Arts Festival

This is some work from my folio. I wanted to make a poster to promote the World Performing Arts Festival which was held annually in Lahore, Pakistan. When I used to live there, my parents would take us every year- it was amazing. There are five categories in the festival: Music, Dance, Film, Theatre and Puppetry. Countries from all around the world would participate. However, because of extremists and lack of government funding, the festival stopped running every year.

I wanted to make some mask like faces to give a sense of the performing arts and did some paper cutting...

These weren't really working so I began by making a simple mask head:

The main structure of the face is a simple wood carving. The details are in modelling clay.

And here is the final poster.

I wanted to incorporate red and orange into the final design since they are the colours related to the W.P.A.Fesitval...

Information for the nation

It's a scary time- we've finished university and there's a few weeks till graduation. It's going to be very odd to not be a student anymore.. for now i'm not worrying about the next step- i'm off to a two week holiday to Annecy- real life can slap me when I come back :P Degree show was busy busy busy- too much too fast and everything's changing as we speak!
here's a fun picture of my space in the degree show from the industry night :)