Friday, 3 December 2010

Little Wing

OKay, so I know I've been out of touch... no apologies- I've been too busy. here's some work :)

This is from way back in reading week- we had to take one of our drawings from drawing week and create an 8 page narrative book. I didn't use any of my drawings, but used a photograph I took of my friend Emma's new yellow raincoat.
'Little Wing' is my second most favourite song by Hendrix and I decided to incorporate that into the narrative. I don't know how successful this is but- here you go. Also, the second last spread- the smiles don't look like smiles, I know. They look like bananas, confetti and at one point I recall someone mentioning nail clippings... ahh well, I tried.

The reason behind the limited pallet of three colours is simple: I was going to screen print it at some point and three colours are a good number to work with :)