Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Something Old, Something new (for you)

Now this post is filled with OLD news but since y'all don't know anything about it, it's all new to you…

Just some pictures about Christmas card making, trying to locate the actual pictures of the finished cards- but disaster struck and my SD card from my camera split in two and over three months of pictures are floating about somewhere, lost till further notice…

Yours truly working hard on the Xmas card lino cut :)

Lino cut before being a lino cut…

AAANNNNDDD… here's one i made earlier! I made this lino cut AGES ago but never made any prints from it- until now. The image is form my travels to Amsterdam- the architecture is really interesting and beautiful, so this image was from a photograph i took whilst i was there. Eventually I will make better prints (if i ever get my hands on a printing press- as you can see it's difficult to get an even, good print without the right equipment)

"Witchy Poo"

Here's another character for SPK's upcoming show- The Adventures of Isabel. Isabel encounters many interesting things and people on her adventures including a Witch, a Dancing Bear and an Orange Giant.

So here she is, The Witch- or as my co-worker Allan called her, "Witchy Poo"

As you can see she's quite the glamourous witch. I wouldn't mind having that little off-shoulder, floor-length, sparkly black number myself. 

Comments/thoughts/serving suggestions/baked goods welcome!

Nurustrator x