Wednesday, 17 September 2014


One of my dearest friends, Suzanne, who now lives in London, recently had a birthday. And since I couldn't make it over to hug her, a sent a delicious treat to do the job. This is the first time I've sent baked goods in the post and it won't be the last. It was really exciting making everything and getting it all ready… and then waiting for it to be received on the other side, while bursting with the mini secret of having sent something yummy and slight disappointment of not being there in person to see Suzanne's face. I felt like Santa.

I decided to make ALMOND BRITTLE AND BANANA BLONDIES- a surprisingly simple, yet extremely delicious recipe by Rachel Allen- google it, you won't regret it. Suzanne loves bananas… a lot- so this recipe was perfect. 

Almond brittle- isn't it beautiful? Smelt divine.

Crushed and added to blondie mixture

Out of the oven and cut into chewable squares once cooled

Packed in a zig-zaggy tin.


Circus elephant who loves juggling bananas 

And here's the card which accompanied the blondies- I forgot to take a picture of the important message inside, which explained what the present was about. I also sent her a banana shaped pencil case- did I mention that Suzanne loves bananas? 

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