Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The stop motion i made was for a competition that fourth years do every year- D&AD have many briefs and i chose the 'make you mark' brief- where you can make work to become noticed by any company in the UK.. sooo i chose aarman and made a stop motion- sounds easy..

here are the boards that i sent away to D&AD along with the final animation.

Lino Lino Lino

from drawing to lino...

this is the princess with her Phoenix.. sitting underneath a guava tree- the first image in the book..

the plan is to draw each image, then lino it, get a print onto acitate. then make separations from acitate and screenprint each image- will need to come up with a colour scheme- it will be simple - limited to maybe 4-5 colours so all the images work well :)

i'm using lino to get the texture from the print and also the simplified line. it is quite a striking way to create imagery.

orginally i was just going to have the lino cuts but they seem a bit harsh without colour... also, the face in the cut above will not be filled- need to fix that :)

more more more.

here are two of the characters together- the princess and the mandolin player.. he's a bit footloose right now, but dnot worry- it'll be fixed in due course.

and some more..

and here are some very quick sketches of the princess...

i'm trying to keep the lines as simple as possible because i want to make lino cuts for the images.

A Short Story

When I was a kid, my gran used to tell us this story of a princess, her phoenix, a guava orchard, an evil king.. she used to add bits here and there- never telling the same story- everytime my sister and i satyed at hers, she'd tell a different story with the same characters. I loved listening to these little stories :)

so for my personal project this year, i decided to take all the sotries she told us, re-write them into one story and make a short novel with illustrations...

here is some of the art work.

this is some character designing for a mandolin player which features in the story..

You'd think it was easy...

I have been trying to upload videos of my stop motion animation - dont know why someting so easy is making my head spin. don't think today is a good day.. anyway, I've decided to put up some other work while I figure it out.

More Stop Motion

and here is the final charachter- the musically talented octopus :)

the pic quality is a bit dire but you get the idea..

Stop-Motion adventure update..

the story for the stop motion has changed quite alot- the look of the film has moved on too :)

here are some pics of yours truly animating the octopus...