Wednesday, 17 September 2014


There's a few reasons I haven't been updating my blog… The biggest and most joyful reason has to be the marriage of my elder sister, Meher-Fatima Nur to Carl Smith. I moved back to Maybole from Dundee (in May) once I finished my internship with SmallPetitKlein and threw myself into the wedding plans. The last few months saw the arrival of countless family members and friends who obviously gathered around LOADS of food, which was consumed as we sang, danced, laughed and enjoyed each others' company. It was stressful. It was tiring. It was amazing. It was glorious. For more details, visit my other blog "107 DAYS TO GO", which is an online record of the days coming up to the grand event!

When I wasn't picking out centre pieces for the tables at the reception or hanging lights on the bannister, archways and trees around our home, I tried my best to keep creating work.

I helped design the wedding cards (I basically ended up doing the entire of the formatting) and the wedding cake. My sister also asked me to make the cake toppers. 
Here they are- the bride and groom, externally created in gold fimo :) forever holding trunks (yes, I'm a big softie) 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith just after the Nikkah ceremony at the Central Mosque in Glasgow

And here are my amazing friends.. and me! - missing a few- at the reception. Don't we look colourful! It's like a rainbow party :D

(Photograph courtesy of Mr. Kieran James Duncan)

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