Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rhymes for Swines

Rhymes for Swines   okay, so I know I haven't posted anything for AGES! well, moving back home from university has taken the wind out of my billows (if i had any) ... But- click on that link in the start of this post and take a gander... it's a project i'm doing with a couple of good friends :) spread the word and join our blog! and Facebook page too - just search- Rhymes For Swines :D

take care! x


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Posh Quiche

I have always loved the 50s animation style- Nate Wragg, an illustrator/concept artist- who has worked for many amazing animations (go check out his work) led me to Jim Flora, an artist in the 50s- his work is brilliant...

I decided to make a poster for the band Posh Quiche- i have provided them with some artwork in the past for their albums- go check out their music too :)

Here's my final design for the poster. Enjoy!

My face

My face in the morning...

Remember this?

I made these paper finger puppets a while ago.. but never put up a picture of them being used as finger puppets...

Nani Ki Kahani

More folio work! Here's some photographs of the 34 page, screen printed book I made. (Copy 1 of 5, for sale)

The slip case and book.

Front of book

End Papers

At the Djinn's Cave


Nani Ki Kahani- Translates from Urdu as A Grandmother's Tale
The short story is based on a bedtime story my gran used to tell us. There are 8 images (4 of which are double spreads). The entire book is screen printed and the images contain between 3 and 4 colours. It was a joy to write, make and finish :)

prints and book for sale, contact me for more information

Book Covers 1, 2, 3!

Some more folio work... The first two book covers are for Penguin's Book Cover competition...
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. One of the important things that happen in the book is the fishing trip. I wanted to include imagery from that scene...Throughout the story, there is a sense of the unsettling, the unreal- and i wanted to make an image which showed something which was as odd and impossible as the title of the book...
And here's my entry for the children's book cover competition...
And finally- here's one just for fun. Amongst many other classics, Jules Verne also wrote Around the World in 80 Days. I must say it was in the top five of my favourite books as a kid :) Initially i intended to make a cover for that book but then I found this one. There's some great imagery in the book - worth a read if you can persist with Verne's crazy detailed descriptions...

World Performing Arts Festival

This is some work from my folio. I wanted to make a poster to promote the World Performing Arts Festival which was held annually in Lahore, Pakistan. When I used to live there, my parents would take us every year- it was amazing. There are five categories in the festival: Music, Dance, Film, Theatre and Puppetry. Countries from all around the world would participate. However, because of extremists and lack of government funding, the festival stopped running every year.

I wanted to make some mask like faces to give a sense of the performing arts and did some paper cutting...

These weren't really working so I began by making a simple mask head:

The main structure of the face is a simple wood carving. The details are in modelling clay.

And here is the final poster.

I wanted to incorporate red and orange into the final design since they are the colours related to the W.P.A.Fesitval...

Information for the nation

It's a scary time- we've finished university and there's a few weeks till graduation. It's going to be very odd to not be a student anymore.. for now i'm not worrying about the next step- i'm off to a two week holiday to Annecy- real life can slap me when I come back :P Degree show was busy busy busy- too much too fast and everything's changing as we speak!
here's a fun picture of my space in the degree show from the industry night :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

and now for something completely different...

was thinking of illustrating the song: My Beloved Monster and Me by Eels for this competition (The Fishtank-just search in google- quite interesting :) ) just a quick try on photoshop .. i'm sorry to all you ps experts out there- this is my second attempt at colouring on the computer...

the background/text needs to be seen to...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


The stop motion i made was for a competition that fourth years do every year- D&AD have many briefs and i chose the 'make you mark' brief- where you can make work to become noticed by any company in the UK.. sooo i chose aarman and made a stop motion- sounds easy..

here are the boards that i sent away to D&AD along with the final animation.

Lino Lino Lino

from drawing to lino...

this is the princess with her Phoenix.. sitting underneath a guava tree- the first image in the book..

the plan is to draw each image, then lino it, get a print onto acitate. then make separations from acitate and screenprint each image- will need to come up with a colour scheme- it will be simple - limited to maybe 4-5 colours so all the images work well :)

i'm using lino to get the texture from the print and also the simplified line. it is quite a striking way to create imagery.

orginally i was just going to have the lino cuts but they seem a bit harsh without colour... also, the face in the cut above will not be filled- need to fix that :)

more more more.

here are two of the characters together- the princess and the mandolin player.. he's a bit footloose right now, but dnot worry- it'll be fixed in due course.

and some more..

and here are some very quick sketches of the princess...

i'm trying to keep the lines as simple as possible because i want to make lino cuts for the images.

A Short Story

When I was a kid, my gran used to tell us this story of a princess, her phoenix, a guava orchard, an evil king.. she used to add bits here and there- never telling the same story- everytime my sister and i satyed at hers, she'd tell a different story with the same characters. I loved listening to these little stories :)

so for my personal project this year, i decided to take all the sotries she told us, re-write them into one story and make a short novel with illustrations...

here is some of the art work.

this is some character designing for a mandolin player which features in the story..

You'd think it was easy...

I have been trying to upload videos of my stop motion animation - dont know why someting so easy is making my head spin. don't think today is a good day.. anyway, I've decided to put up some other work while I figure it out.

More Stop Motion

and here is the final charachter- the musically talented octopus :)

the pic quality is a bit dire but you get the idea..

Stop-Motion adventure update..

the story for the stop motion has changed quite alot- the look of the film has moved on too :)

here are some pics of yours truly animating the octopus...

Monday, 20 February 2012

some different colours..

i cannot decide what colour... i think the ukulele will be wood colour in the end but not sure about the octopus colour... please let me know what colours work best :)


finally- i have some new work.. well i have lots of new work- many projects on the go but not enough time to put everything online- will try my best to keep this updated.. (same old lies...)

this is my first ever attempt to draw/colour on photoshop.. so be kind :p it's actually quite fun - may look into colouring on p.s. more often!

this is the character for a little stop motion adventure i am going to go on.. hopefully i will get it finished for the 9th of march- deadline!!!

the story is basically as follows-
i am working late in the studio
leave for the night but forget to switch off my lamp
the little octopus starts playing a tune once i leave
i come back to switch off lamp and octopus stops playing...
END... any suggestions/comments are most welcome...

also a BIG thank you to tom paxton for all his help so far :)

watch this space