Thursday, 31 May 2012

World Performing Arts Festival

This is some work from my folio. I wanted to make a poster to promote the World Performing Arts Festival which was held annually in Lahore, Pakistan. When I used to live there, my parents would take us every year- it was amazing. There are five categories in the festival: Music, Dance, Film, Theatre and Puppetry. Countries from all around the world would participate. However, because of extremists and lack of government funding, the festival stopped running every year.

I wanted to make some mask like faces to give a sense of the performing arts and did some paper cutting...

These weren't really working so I began by making a simple mask head:

The main structure of the face is a simple wood carving. The details are in modelling clay.

And here is the final poster.

I wanted to incorporate red and orange into the final design since they are the colours related to the W.P.A.Fesitval...

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