Monday, 20 February 2012


finally- i have some new work.. well i have lots of new work- many projects on the go but not enough time to put everything online- will try my best to keep this updated.. (same old lies...)

this is my first ever attempt to draw/colour on photoshop.. so be kind :p it's actually quite fun - may look into colouring on p.s. more often!

this is the character for a little stop motion adventure i am going to go on.. hopefully i will get it finished for the 9th of march- deadline!!!

the story is basically as follows-
i am working late in the studio
leave for the night but forget to switch off my lamp
the little octopus starts playing a tune once i leave
i come back to switch off lamp and octopus stops playing...
END... any suggestions/comments are most welcome...

also a BIG thank you to tom paxton for all his help so far :)

watch this space

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  1. Looks great but he has 8 arms so i think he should have 8 instruments :) a 1 octo-band !