Monday, 25 May 2015


A friend recently asked me to help him with some backgrounds for a website he's building for the Bannocknurn Bowmen Archery Club. The website at the moment is in serious need for some TLC...

I started putting some ideas together for possible backgrounds/artwork etc. 

Started off with a really simplified target image using Photoshop.. I understand that each band of colour is supposed to have another circle outline present. Will fix it in the final design, but for now I'm just playing about with ideas.. 

I'm trying to redesign the club's logo, without loosing any of the imagery/ meaning from the original logo..

Another background idea.. The blue is the club's colour. 

I quite like this one. As I said, I'm trying to rethink the club's logo.. 

The website builder friend had an idea of including an interactive, live scoreboard on the website so i'll be looking to help with that later as well. 

I just need to add the extra rings in between the colours and we'll be jamming. 

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