Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pick-me-up Pachyderm

So recently, a dear little friend wasn't feeling too well... I decided to take matters into my own (clay-manipulating) hands and make her something to cheer her up. It's the best thing to receive something in the post, I think, and since I couldn't travel to Dundee just to deliver the gift, it was good to make use of the local post office...

The contents of the box were larger than life so I required a "Package Securing Device"*. And as I am nothing if not resourceful, I managed to create one in record time...

*Awaiting Patent (Nur's Clever Things LTD)

A pair of fluffy socks never go amiss ;)

Close-up of Elephant- as many of you know,I've made a few of these in the past.However, this lucky specimen was the first one to ever be made with an accessory... Making the feather for the hat was my favourite part.

I must make more of these!

I understand the package was received graciously and am sure the pachyderm shall be loved for ever more :)

Thanks to Hana for providing the title of this post. Hope you feel better soon! x

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