Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Elf-ant cards

I should try to stop making ridiculously lousy puns with the post titles... But sadly, it's too difficult. It's who I am, deal with it. Anyway, I've been in an elephant mood. Been doodling them everywhere for a couple of weeks- and tonight I sat down to come up with some xmas card ideas…

Just some rough ideas. I'm really boring and love working in black and white. I think the final designs will probably be monochromatic as well. At the moment, I want to do some lino cutting.. but I may decide to do some collage in the end. We'll see how quick/effective each way is :)

Feedback welcome, as always x

P.S. apologies for awful photo quality- my phone is abysmal- but it's really easy to send photos to computer. Must invest in a phone with a better camera.. or be less lazy and use my fancy camera to document shizz.

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