Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Labyrinth Man

For the past three weeks we have been working on a project which involves creating a mural for the wall space in our crit room...
We were given the short story "The Library Of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges "- it's interesting, go look it up :)

There's a line in the story 'A mere labyrinth of letters' so I started drawing mazes and labyrinths and many days later, came up with the above image.

The labyrinth consists of a single line, it can be traced all the way around the image- the shape ended up looking a bit like a man (maybe just in my head) so i thought it would be fun to have him falling through space. The background was done in printmaking- it's just a basic Silk-screen- love the colours...

Let me know what you guys think- any suggestions?
I might put up some sketch book work.. let's see how it goes.

(rain is supposed to stay in Spain, mainly on the plains...)

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